Types Of Marketing For Realtors

Written by Alexis Jameson on September 1st, 2009
by Alexis Jameson

Searching for clients is what any real estate agent needs to do. This is for clients that have properties to sell and clients that want to buy properties. Getting these clients is not that easy, so you have to use various forms of marketing for realtors in order to attract and keep these clients.

Newspaper and Magazine Listings: When you have a large list of properties for sale, one of the best ways to make them known is to take out an advert in the local newspaper or a community magazine. This can list all the properties you have as well as give details about your company. Once people see your company in the newspaper and magazines they trust your name.

Flyers: Another way to reach more people and to create an effective awareness about your company is to drop flyers in people’s post boxes. These can be colorful flyers with the properties you have, or they can be general informational flyers about your company.

Email Brochures and Newsletters: You can email people just about anything. So, why not take advantage of your contact list and email your properties to them in a brochure? You can also send out newsletter about real estate news or give real estate advice. You will soon get a following and people will be more likely to remember you the next time they have a property that they want to sell or that they are interested in investing in.

Branding: One of the best ways to market your company and services is using branding. You should try to do as much branding as you can to make your name stick in people’s minds. You can brand your car, and your premises, as well as create promotional products to hand out to clients, as well as for events.

Online Marketing: There are lots of different ways to market your business online. This can involve creating a website that ranks highly in the search engines. It can also involve writing articles, joining forums, posting comments on blogs and using links to your websites. You can also place your information in business directories, on classified websites and more.

Real Estate Boards: As a realtor you will have various real estate boards that you put up outside properties you have for sale, or ones that you have sold. These are a form of marketing as well, so make them stand out, include your contact details and place them in the most visible areas. Also put some up to direct people to open houses in the most public areas. Aside from getting more people through the house you will set up more clients for the future.

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