How To Create The Perfect Business Website Design For Highest Search Engine Ranking And Maximum traffic

Written by Tony Khatemi on October 25th, 2009
by Tony Khatemi

The conversation between clients and small business website design and their developers are mostly about quality of website design, impressive and well designed look. It is always about best designed websites with shopping cart design, ecommerce implementation, use of flash design and sometimes only cheap website designs that are within the ciients budget.

These conversations are valuable, but my response as the web developer is usually the same. Regardless of the conversation or the premise for their unique site, the best website design is one that is not just pleasing to the eye, but one designed to captivate the audience and keep them there. Within the pages of a site, there must be more than amazing graphics and incredible flash website design. There should be an infusion of superior content.

After the initial “wow factor” of some time-consuming flash or other concoction, what most visitors are looking for in a website is content. They want good, reliable and well- written information about their desired subject matter.

For years, I only built the most attractive sites for my clients – for basic information, e-commerce, shopping cart designs, small businesses, large businesses, language-specific sites and any number of others. My primary purpose was a spectacular-looking site. The rest of the process, including content, was secondary.

The only engagement we had with contents was gathering the website content from our clients. This was a standard operating protocol for all website graphic and design companies. The customer was always satisfied with the work and we were rewarded handsomely for our efforts. This is perhaps business as usual for all website design and graphic companies designing website for small to large size business however we were not content with this business model.

But looking back on that philosophy, I have to laugh. The World Wide Web has changed so drastically. As more and more people get on the web, the savvier they get and the thirstier they are for good, solid information, and lots of it.

In this new and evolving Internet era, a new approach is necessary. Now web development companies must glean from their clients the best of their knowledge and expertise on the chosen subject matter. They should then determine how to best categorize this information for maximum impact on a website. When the web developer pours the right information into the right categories, a site visitor will easily find it via a search engine and then stay for a while surfing within a well-built, content-driven site.

Once a great site with incredible content is created, the next and most important element is to integrate keywords into the pages. This ensures that those searching for the information can find the site quickly and easily. The more information a site provides and the more strategically its keywords are placed, the better the chances of attracting and keeping visitors. Keeping visitors on a site means greater opportunities for advertising that site’s particular product or service.

In today’s Internet environment, promoting great content is more important than ever. It is vital to a website’s survival and to business in general. There are millions of pages of content generated every hour. Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the social media cloud give Internet surfers something new to look at.

Blogger, WordPress and many others free blogging sevices. Article writing, video marketing, podcasting and RSS feed is other means of providing information to the surfer.

Our job as web designers and web promoters has changed for the better. We must use the highest information technology system tools to create the best content rich sites for all targeted visitors. We must use the best methods of delivery for making avail all great contents.

A great site has no value unless it has visitors. Keeping web content to yourself usually defeats the purpose. Most site owners want others to know about their site and their information, or they wouldn’t have shared it there. So the job of web developers is not so easy anymore. We can’t just create impressive designs. We can’t just throw some flashy graphics together.

It is now the responsibility of the website designer, ecommerce developer to not only provide a high quality website design but also incorporate all elements that support optimization, ranking and good traffic.

It takes a lot of effort to make sure site content is ranked at the highest possible level in the most important search engines. On the web, number one is the only one that visitors will flock to in droves, so number two will get five to ten times less traffic, and so on down the line.

Our responsibility is to first help our clients generate fantastic contents and to incorporate those optimized contents with well balanced site. We then promote the site to the first position of google and with proper processes ensure their ranking for a long time.

Our Measure of success can only be the amount of relevant traffic we deliver to the site. The goal is set upfront for the client and we must work together to achieve that goal.

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