How E-Mail Marketing Can Be Successful

Written by John Stewart on October 25th, 2009
by John Stewart

When you use a website, blog site, or capture page, you understand how essential e-mail marketing is,in order to build the confidence of your prospects so that they will be interested in purchasing products from you, E-mail marketing that allows you to send out newsletters and e-mails is a must.

A good definition for e-mail marketing is using a list of loyal readers that you have created to market to through e-mail campaigns

If you want your readers to hear from you again and again good content is essential so that readers feel like you are a valuable asset to them. you need to give them good ideas and information that that will helping them to progress in their business

Why is E-mail marketing efficient?

1. It’s speedy, you can send a message to everyone very quickly

2. It can be personalized, as you learn to categorize your list. You can collect information is pertinent to a prospect that your mailing to, focusing your e-mail campaigns more directly.

3. It can become infectious. As one person sees the value of the information and products you offer, they will naturally want to share it with everyone of their friends and contacts helping you to become wider known

4. It’s inexpensive, using e-mail to communicate with your prospects is much cheaper than the traditional direct mail campaigns.

One thing you need to keep in mind, if you don’t want to have problems with your e-mail marketing campaigns is. You must use e-mail etiquette

The rules of e-mail etiquette

Permission is essential for e-mail campaigns, make sure that your prospects opt in to your campaign, giving you permission to send them information. If you don’t, you could be caught in a spam filter, never reaching your prospect

Also remember that permission loses its power over time, no matter how you get someone’s e-mail address. Don’t wait, you need to send them something right away. If you wait weeks or months, they will probably not remember who you are and what you are about. So they might just delete it or maybe even unsubscribe to your list. So be sure to send them a welcome e-mail. Maybe something with your most recent blog post, give them value right away. Then they will have you fresh in their mind and look forward to your next message.

etiquette and the law requires that you include an opt out link or unsubscribe link providing instructions on how a prospect can be removed from your list. And if they has to be removed due at right a way within 10 days, and to keep from being labeled as a spammer. Make sure your prospects know, what sort of campaign or newsletter they are signing up for. To get help with this I recommend a service like Get-Response or Aweber they provide assistance in these areas.

It’s also important not to just sell every time you talk to a prospect in an e-mail,telling him that they have to buy now. Share points about yourself. Tell a funny story, give them value maybe a tip from a blog site or a webpage that you have, treat them like they are important to you. Not just a sales prospect, and never use the CAP Lock key, or words like “bonus” “money” or “free

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