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Written by Mike Jones on October 25th, 2009
by Janice A Ward

There are various advantages for downloading movies directly to your computer. You do not have to take the trip to the video store. You never have to wait for the film to be available and of course, you do not have to bother about returning the film. On the other hand you need to do some inquiries first to become sure that you are receiving a improved experience from downloading than you would acquire from your community video store.

Singles – Life in the Seattle dating scene ain’t simple. Energetic comedy drama with some appealing performances (especially by Scott and Sedgwick), yet by no means as enlightening as you wish it to be. Film has music, setting, and fashion galore, even though additionally a rather inconsistent script. Cast includes Bridget Fonda, Matt Dillon, Campbell Scott, Kyra Sedgwick, Sheila Kelley, Jim True-Frost, Bill Pullman, James Le Gros, Devon Raymond, Camilo Gallardo, Ally Walker, Jeremy Piven, Paul Giamatti, and Tim Burton. (99 minutes, 1992)

MGM’s The Big Parade of Comedy – Fifty of the best megastars of all time come out in this collection, however too briefly. Cast includes Laurel and Hardy, Keaton, Gable, Robert BencWey, Jean Harlow, and Malion Davies, (90 minutes, 1964)

Dracula Has Risen From The Grave – Dracula runs afoul of tiny-town monsignor while he chases the churchman’s gorgeous blonde niece. Cast includes Christopher Lee, Rupert Davies, Veronica Carlson, Barbara Ewing, Barry Andrews, and Michael Ripper. (92 minutes, 1968)

No Man of Her Own – Pompous production based on Cornell Woolrich storyline of Helen Ferguson (Stanwyck) assuming another’s identity and becoming part of a fmaily. Later in the movie she is being blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend. Cast includes Barbara Stanwyck, John Lund, Jane Cowl, Phyllis Thaxter, and Richard Denning. (98 minutes, 1950)

Macabre – Bizarre goings on in smaIl town where a doctor’s young daughter bafflingly disappears and a anonymous phone caller declares that the youngster has been buried alive. Cast includes William Prince, Jim Backus, Christine White, and Jacqueline Scott. (73 minutes, 1958)

The General – One of Keaton’s greatest silent films, setting comedy dissimilar to real Civil Battle tale of a stolen train, and Union spies. Not as whimsical as other Keaton films, although brilliantly complete. Cast includes Buster Keaton, Marion Mack, Glen Cavender, Jim Farley, and Joseph Keaton. (100 minutes, 1984)

Red Sun – East meets West in this surprising saga of a samurai fighter chasing a invaluable Japanese sword stolen from a train crossing the American West. Cast includes Charles Bronson, Ursula Andress, Toshiro Mifune, Alain Delon, and Capucine. (112 minutes, 1972)

Belles on Their Toes – Here, Myrna Loy plays a widowed architect who will campaign to bring up her aging brood. 20th Century Fox back lot seen at its best in recollecting early 1900s America. Clifton Webb makes a short appearance at the end. Cast includes Myrna Loy, Jeanne Crain, Debra Paget, Jeffrey Hunter, Edward Arnold, Hoagy Carmichael, Barbara Bates, Robert Arthur, Verna Felton, and Martin Milner. (89 minutes, 1952)

Stay tuned for more advice and information on plenty of good movies that you can download immediately! Enjoy!

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