Why And How to Develop a Network Marketing Funnel

Written by John Stewart on October 26th, 2009
by John Stewart

If you really want to pour gold into your pocket you need to have a Internet Network Marketing funnel, this is a powerful way to pour leads into your business. If you don’t have a way to feed your prospects into a funnel. You will never get the results that you’re expecting.

Having a Marketing funnel means you have a precision instrument that calls people to action, helping them to stream through a system that you define, that guides them to exactly what you expect from them.

You will have the ultimate power to automate success, when you build a marketing funnel that converts prospects to take action.

The Funnel,

#1 A capture page.

In order to fill a marketing database where you you can stream them to the precise information they positively need from that point forward. You must have a targeted capture page that generates these leads.

The larger your pond, the better your chances are to extract gold from it, because you will have the ability persuade your prospects to take definite actions. By using an extremely efficient capture page that fills that pond with gold remember if you don’t have a stream that keeps filling your list It will dry up.

The majority of the marketing out there is done with network marketing funnels that are broken, resulting in misdirected leads and opportunities. They don’t capture leads, with effective calls to action, which causes the hemorrhaging of lost opportunities!

The reason so many funnels fail to generate leads on autopilot’s is due to the laziness of most network marketers, who never want to put out the effort of designing a working funnel.

#2 A detailed sales page,

After a prospect opts in to your targeted capture page. You need to direct them to a concise sales page which details the benefits and opportunities. They were received from joining you this sales page needs to contain a specific call to action for them to opt in now.

Target them between the eyes with the reason that they came to your site. Give them the opportunity to sign up right now and show them the entrance. Put the door right in front of them so that they don’t have to look for an alternate access

What are you waiting for start today, start developing your marketing funnel keep tweaking it until you have the perfect system that will start pouring prospects into your organization. Then take the team that you build and develop even more funnels to create success. the last element of the funnel is.

#3 The auto-responder

It’s essential that you have an auto responder in the back end of your system so that you have the opportunity to keep in constant contact with all of your prospects welcoming them, building trust and confidence in the value that you have to share so that anyone that is skeptical of your opportunity will be able to overcome their fears and want to join you and your team.

To summarize, there is three basic parts to Internet Network Marketing funnel:

1. It gets the information from each prospect and enters them into your database, automatically.

2. A sales page at the other end of the sign up that closes your prospects immediately on autopilot, So that you have them for the rest of time.

3. Last but not least, the follow-up auto response e-mail campaign that welcomes them and further builds your relationship with them, giving them value so that they want to join you in your business When the time comes.

There you are with these precise pieces of the Internet Network Marketing funnel. You will have the ability to go out and generate targeted leads with your own marketing funnel.

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