Using Twitter To Benefit Your Business

Written by Shane Winson on October 26th, 2009
by John Abraham

Everyone knows about Twitter. It is one of the most popular social media tools. It allows members to post quick messages. It is being used by people from all over the world for staying in touch with friends and fans. There are many ways you can use twitter to promote your business.

Twitter attracts millions of visitors and you can get a lot of traffic from it. It is possible to send tweets to your followers with your link attached there. You can gather interest by asking questions.

You can hold contests to generate interest about your products and website. You can give away some cool prizes to people. You will gain word of mouth advertising and more followers this way.

Try using a customized profile background. It looks better. You can get many such free templates from various sites. Also, add a profile picture that talks about your brand. Try to have a convincing profile page with your website information that results in more followers.

Stay active on twitter. Make tweets regularly but do not just send ads. Also try to engage others in conversations by asking questions.

Try to increase your followers at twitter. Get people to follow you from your blog. Post there with your blog link. Make it seem interesting and not like you are selling something otherwise no one will have any genuine interest in your website.

You can also make announcements about a newly launched product. You can use twitter to get more sales. You may post discount codes for the products on twitter and allow the code to be used by the first few people. Thus you will get a lot of interest from various people.

Twitter can be great for your business. It can provide a huge spurt in traffic to your site. You should sound natural while sending out tweets and do not send spammy ads. Take every step carefully to build a brand and increase your followers.

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