Online Ideas To Get Customers Flocking to Your Bricks and Mortar Business

Written by Regina Hornaker on October 26th, 2009
by Regina Hornaker

Promoting a small business is a constant process and independent business owners need to have multiple ways to reach their customers. Expensive advertising is not always effective and in today’s world, truly savvy business owners are using the internet to attract and keep new and existing customers. Here are a few simple ways to do this this.

1. Offer current customers a “one-day” sale. Tell every customer that if they give you their email address, you have special sales that you only customers on the email list will know about. Since only current customers know about the sale it’s your way to say thanks (and to bring them in again).

2. Create a refer-your-friend program. Make this available to your “email list” customers only and tell them that you will ask every new customer if they were referred by someone. If the new customer says they were, then the referring customer will get 10% off any one item in the store for every new customer they refer. The offer is only valid if the new customer buys something. It never ends. Don’t forget to tell the new customer about the promotion and get their email address too.

3. Every month have “one day” specials. Give the days fun names such as “Jumpin’ January” or “Awesome April.” On the special day, put out refreshments and have special tag sale items. Make sure to put up signs in the store to promote the special day and send an email to your email list.

4. There are many online sites where you can list your business. Many times these are very lo cost and sometimes they’re free. Often your local merchant’s group or chamber of commerce will have a way to list your business. A site that I’ve found is It gets a lot of hits and makes it easy to join, post a photo and best of all it’s free.

5. Be sure to sign up at Twitter. Then put signs in your store and reference your Twitter name on your website too. Then every few days you send out a “tweet” about a special sale for your Twitter followers, tell them that something “new” has arrived, keep them informed about yourself and basically become a Twitter friend. They will repay you by coming in to shop and see you.

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