How To Earn Money By Being An Affiliate With Review Sites

Written by Hans Havasi on October 26th, 2009
by Hans Havasi

This article requires you have a fundamental knowledge of affiliate marketing. When I started my affiliate career I always used

Affiliate networks such as give you the advantage of screening out bad vendors and they act as a middleman and process the payments for you.

There are tons of other companies out there though, which offer affiliate programs. This might be a good option as there is less competition. Study their program though first so you don’t get scammed.

You’ll want a payment schedule and threshold that is fair and that you can live with. It’s also great if you can have hands-on help and support as you are picking affiliates to partner with.

Those new to internet marketing can have a difficult time because they don’t have a big list they can sell things to and market to. To give a good start you could consider to make a review site and through that get peoples emails by offering free ebooks and/or offering a marketing email course.

This was an easy way for me to get started and learn the basics and I think you’ll find it will work for you too if you aren’t already using this model.

In a review site you have a page which offers a review of an affiliate product. In this case it is best to purchase the product you are reviewing so you can write something original.

Try to refrain from copying a review written by somebody else. The more personal the better. It gives more credibility.

You can also include many reviews on a site comparing them to each other and giving them stars.

Why not be ambitious and make 10 of these review sites in a month? Each time you make a site it gets progressively easier to make a site as you have the template from the last site and more knowledge as well.

Then I spent about 10 hours per month marketing the older sites in the forums and other social media plus creating ad campaigns.

The costs were $10 per month for hosting for the sites and $8 or so for each individual domain. My marketing expenses were $700-1000 per month.

My profit after expenses, was $4000 each month, which works out to $67 per hour. Not too many jobs pay that much money and I achieved that level in a very short time.

From here on you can grow your business, but for newbies its good to start with review sites. If you want to know more about becoming a super affiliate please visit my site

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